Yes Image Does Matter!

10636863_544313249029311_3088794930091485786_oFollowing on from our biggest WDF yet in Jersey this week kindly sponsored by Park, I just wanted to add a couple of foot notes to my last blog.

Our style guru, Kay Davidson from Alicia Kay did an excellent job in explaining how to make those little changes that make all the difference.

One of her key messages was not to buy more clothes but revitalise the ones we have: while also really helping us understand the cost the planet is paying for cheap disposable clothing

The other key message was to make the best of what mother nature has bestowed on each of us

My own foot note to the event …

Usually after a WDF meeting in Jersey I change back into trousers and flats and make my way to the airport. As I had already changed 4 times during the event, I decided to stay as I was and go home in my “after” outfit. The first thing I noticed was how people were being really nice to me in the hotel, then the taxi driver called me Ma’am and asked if was going back to the City! At the airport I met a group of Guernsey NEDs and effortlessly blended into their groups. My biggest realisation though was while others might have been judging me and therefore treating me differently because of the way I dressed, they were also responding to how I was feeling about myself.

I truly hope that everyone who came along to WDF on Tuesday enjoyed the event, although I can’t help but feel I came away the one with the biggest insights from the day!

Exciting news

Kay Davidson will be hosting some wardrobe workout workshops in both Jersey and Guernsey and has agreed to offer WDF members a discount!

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